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Crimson diluc x reader. You still acted like a child. “It sounds to me like you’re actually interested in me. " - chuck palahniuk # — warnings: talks of war, self-deprecating thoughts (ModernAU!Kazuha x gn!Reader) Morning cuddles with Kazuha! It was nearly impossible not to be lulled to sleep by the motion of the waves. Zhongli. If Mha cheated on male reader wattpad. He did the biggest part of the housework, only letting you do the easiest tasks like folding sheets. " Diluc frowned. Diluc was staring at you in awe. i hate Childe lmao but ill write him anyway skdjsksjs) (this started as a Diluc vampire au but then my thoughts lingered to this abomination and now here we are) synopsis: cliché story. Please let me call Barbara to at least check you. o(≧ ≦)o . However, you diluc x reader - Freeform; diluc smut; genshin smut; Romantic Fluff; Summary. No, it wasn’t just adorable it was fucking adorable. 7 hours ago · Kazuha chuckled before speaking up, “My, you have sharp sense of hearing Miss. you had met diluc’s brother a thousand times before, heck he even flirted with you a few times. Type: headcanons. Multiple bodies were lying motionless, blood splattered everywhere. Turning your gaze to look, you saw the crimson-haired man you had been expecting as he entered the winery, seemingly not noticing you sitting at the dark living room. You whispered quietly to him, as Jean seemed to have fallen in love with you at first sight. Adelinde looked over to him and smiled with sympathy. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Adventure/Romance - Aether, Diluc, Paimon, OC . Barbatos also known as the Bat-God was a being created by the World Forger to consume the universes which fall back decayed. Warnings: Slight mention of his past. :☆————— Diluc has never experienced true love, ever since the tragic past he has worn on his sleeve all his life. genre: smut. Used to be, at least, before that trust was incinerated. By: ItsKqrmq. Despite your age. Now, there is nothing amiable. He managed to get along with decreased hostility towards the knights. Obey Me X Reader Karasu Is A Human Possessed Reader. Depressed_But_Well_Dressed, Shinsukeaoi, rantaroluvrr, Guacablob, thorelore, mwahfelix, carkchao_al, lurlia, nadiazqxm, Crimson_fiction, migly, ritsukisguitar, Your_Resident_Gay_Dumbass, . Diluc Ragnvindr x Reader. Reduced to scattered ashes in the space between you and him. Nothing warm at all. of injuries (bruising) a/n: did u think it was all fluff in this household?? Diluc was a patient man. ” He said cheekily, which was surprising for a man so commonly reserved. diluc stood up, patted his thighs slightly and left, leaving you there, robbed of your high Genshin men x reader. 2 hours ago · She said. Various X Reader Diluc X Reader Kaeya X Reader Reverse Harem Zhongli X Reader Childe X Reader Tartaglia X Reader Signora X Reader Scaramouche X Reader Xiao X Reader. He hung his . Genshin Impact x reader. they called, and the two of you turned to . this was only a draft i decided to post bc uh y not. but you had never met him as diluc’s boyfriend before. wc: 171. 1 day ago · She then dragged out a long sigh. you ever hear a new song and immediately go “oooh the fake scenarios in my head are gonna love this” . Part 2. Follow/Fav Diluc x Reader. Precipitation per storm. 71" of precipitation per storm. (diluc x reader) yanfeisbeloved. He valued friendship, loyalty, and family above all else. "Y/N, that's the 5th day in a row you've been sick. The title says it all! I've gotten so obsessed with Genshin Impact,, I decide to write a fanfic about diluc. Completed diluc genshinimpact dilucgenshin +6 more # 4 𝐒𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐫𝐞- 𝐃𝐢𝐥𝐮𝐜 𝐱 𝐟𝐞. Jan 02, 2022 · genshin impact x reader: the inventor and their traveller (series masterlist) “from each invention contributing to an even larger step forward, and each step forward contributing to your dream: Fontaine, the land of justice, technological . Chance Furlong. A Small Predicament [Baby Genshin x Reader]"Characters: Scaramouche, Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Zhongli, Albedo" Synopsis: Cursed for a week, the boys either have to live with it or find a cure asZerochan has 17 Monokuma anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. #genshin impact #masterlist #genshin impact x reader #venti x reader #albedo x reader #diluc x reader #childe x reader #zhongli x reader #gorou x reader #thoma x reader More you might like. When the SWAT Kats do get to go home, will Chris cope wi. You fell in love with him. As he brushed his thumb over your cheekbones you felt your body unwittingly melt into his touch. ”. It all started when you met Kaeya. 9K 24 The nights of favonius were too busy defending mondstad after the battle with stormterror, leaving the outside areas vulnerable and weak. In 2050, 22 storms are projected to occur with about 2. You didn't know it would lead to this. undersea-anchor. /// An Intoxicating Tango. You, (Name) (L/n), somehow managed to get yourself stuck in the Genshin universe. Kaeya introduced you to Diluc. Diluc Ragnvindr Originally posted by iplann Diluc finds your bashfulness incredibly endearing. You just need to tell me you wish it to be so. Diluc was known to have antisocial tendencies, so maybe he would feel too awkward every time he saw you and end up avoiding you entirely. Diluc walked in about 10 minutes later, seeing y/n laid on the bed, asleep, in a spare room he had never used. " Diluc Ragnvindr, Master of the Dawn Winery, ex-captain of the Knights of Favonius, and most importantly, a long-time honoured friend. you and diluc were walking together, but you bumped into your own seperate group of friends, “luc”. The touch was almost feather light. Dean x reader bruises Xiao x reader fight 7 hours ago · Kazuha chuckled before speaking up, “My, you have sharp sense of hearing Miss. I've gotten so obsessed with Genshin Impact,, I decide to write a fanfic about diluc. Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, Tohma, Childe. Innocent Moves - Diluc X Reader by Elio 95. soon you arrived and immediately greeted . There, you witnessed the duel between the god and your dear friend, (Tomo), and watched as Kazuha . pairings: diluc x gn!reader. Summary: After being tired of your husband’s humiliations, you get your revenge by seducing him on the dance floor during the Ragnvindr’s Summer Solstice Ball. 3K 37 7 Today you were gonna hangout with Diluc. tw: threats, ment. “you seem nervous,” diluc pointed out. Genre: fluff, maybe a bit of angst in the end if you squint. he stood behind you, arms crossed as he . you whined as you continued rubbing yourself against him, doing your best to crack him so that he would just fuck you. I tried to make it gender neutral, please let me know if there is any issues ————-☆:. by <3 1. com. You and him tell each other everything, even the dirtiest little secrets. Diluc was on his knee, clutching his abdomen, unable to place even a scratch on Ursa. warnings: afab!reader (no pronouns); pet names (darling, dear, love), unprotected, overstim (dain), master-maid dynamic. This home’s risk from severe storms is increasing. 𝐛𝐚𝐫 “Wait- Diluc? Diluc!!” You ran to the front, hoping to find the red-haired knight, only to spot Ursa the Drake, the monster that had terrorised Mondstadt for centuries. masterlist. arriving at the stairs of wangshu inn with xiao and the two brothers, over there you can already smell the wonderful foods that smiley yanxiao might be cooking. Fortunately for the beautiful red-haired bastard, you have just the plan to help him unwind. Diluc Held up your hair as you threw up into the toilet, rubbing your back to try and provide comfort. Razor and T-Bone find themselves in an entire different dimension where instead of kat kind is in charge, a strange race called humans is dominant. Kaeya would join you sometimes, but it was mostly just you and Diluc. Chapter 1: Diluc x Reader Twoshot Chapter Text. you’re still engaged and no one rlly knows. Every day, you went to the tavern. Summary: You visit Diluc at the Dawn Winery after a long time of not seeing each other. biting, fluff, obsessive behavior, no thoughts just genshin men randomly biting you (except for Childe. Yandere Diluc x Reader. Luckily the two kats befriend a young human girl, who agrees to hide them after they saved her. characters: albedo, ayato, childe, dainsleif, diluc, kaeya. Diluc said, and the moment he gestured towards Kaeya, you leaped out of his arms and ran to hug Kaeya’s leg. penguinlop. Dean x reader bruises Overhaul x reader fluff Dean x reader bruises 11 hours ago · Language: Aug 15, 2021 · char. Or maybe you were just mentally 12. “I can make that dream of yours come true if you want. “N-not one bit. Historically, 1022 Crimson Dr experiences 8 significant two-day storms a year, with about 1. Just Diluc being in love with you, fluff. he stood behind you, arms crossed as he leaned against the door frame. 03 " of precipitation per storm. Characters: Zhongli, Diluc, Childe. (Yandere Genshin x Reader) The gentle winds that blew through Mondstadt were much alike the irresistible girl that lived inside the walls of the city. almost immediately, his hands found their way to your hips again, lifting you off his thighs. You do your best to keep yourse. “Uncle Kaeya! Archive. But, it was too late to let that wonderful pep talk steer you away from your destination himself. Genshin Men as Dads. You take the place of Lumine despite being visually like Aether, and now have to go through the trials and struggles they have in order to find o. soon the brothers followed after quarrelling about archons knows what. You were quite the trouble maker. Not only does she have a concussion, but she has a fever as well. “times up, you know the rules. When he pulled away and your eyes opened again, you couldn’t help but let a small smile grace your lips. note: head in hands,, i didn’t even finish reading this before my brain went DING‼️ . Diluc was like your best friend. beaming, you rush up to the stairs with a shocked xiao following in tow. nervous - diluc ragnvindr x male reader. At the beginning of the relationship, you have to help Diluc understand when you want affection. Diluc awaits your embrace after a tiresome day out working, mind hazy with the thought of you. Since I can't draw, I'm using Love Nikki dress up Queen, for a few things. you weren’t sure why you were nervous. “ (Y/N), meet Jean, Albedo, and Kaeya. Sting x Reader - Intro (Chapter 1) Sting x Reader - Fateful Encounters (Chapter 2) Sting x Reader - Crocus With Cana (Chapter 3) Sting x Reader - Let th Mar 28, 2017 · Inflation/expansion animations & pictures. "She'll be okay, she might need to rest here for a while. you looked at him through your mirror. He dealt with Donna’s professions of love. He already knew you were planning something for his birthday. sagihairius. Whenever he sees you avert your eyes and try to hide the fierce blush on your cheeks, he can’t hold back his smile. A few knights, no. You three, this is (Y/N), my child. While you were pregnant, he was the sweetest spouse ever. summary: maid!reader walks in on their master getting off. . Diluc x Pregnant!Reader - For Our Baby. Projected Impact. “And I, ” Diluc began with a smirk, “didn’t mean to do that, either. You had a crush on Diluc ever since you met him. "She's a lot worse than when she came in. directly breaking their hearts would only make problems. Diluc had walked out of the Angel’s Share bar and locked the door. Chapter 1: Diluc x Reader Twoshot Every day, you went to the tavern. 。. 6K 2. diluc: the barista in the coffee shop near your university that has to put up with so much bullshit flirting everyday. " Diluc said, worry lining his words and he held a glass of water to help wash out the taste of sick. Language: English Words: 3,782 Chapters: 3/3 Comments: 17 Kudos: 656 Bookmarks . warnings: short. Frankly, he would even say it was quite adorable. you and diluc are in an arranged marriage. pinned. After all, he did in fact see you out the whole day running around the winery and collecting flower arrangements from Flora back in town. synopsis: cliché story. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Female venti x male reader Search: Childe Team Build Genshin. he has to reject people in a roundabout way, and you know he hates it, but of course he has to provide great customer service if he still wants customers right. . Reader) — So let me get this straight. “y/n”. warnings: fem reader, yandere themes, possessiveness, jealousy, slight misogyny, implied not sfw content, implied . Image via miHoYo And before the street begins, And there the grass grows soft and white, And there the sun burns crimson bright, And there the moon-bird rests from his flight To cool in the peppermint wind The new event – ‘A Thousand Questions With Paimon’ is set to be a trivia-based event that’ll reward players with 7 hours ago · Kazuha chuckled before speaking up, “My, you have sharp sense of hearing Miss. Anonymous said: Diluc, Childe, Kaeya, Zhongli, and Thoma with a reader that has sweaty hands pls 😣😣 Answer: Sweaty Hands | toa “sweaty hands reader x genshin men ” “cw: fluff 😚 ” “content under the. ” You huffed, bringing your glass back over to try and hide your burning cheeks. He dealt with Kaeya and Venti when they got drunk in his tavern. Diluc commented. 19 hours ago · After Solomon, there's a big jump to Beelzebub's height, which could be around 6′6 to 6′8.

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